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Resources for Current J-1 Interns and Trainees

Is the American Immigration Council is currently sponsoring your J-1 Intern or Trainee program? Look here for information on what information you need to send us when you arrive, obtaining a Travel Validation signature, applying for a Social Security number and tax information, and replacement Evaluation forms.

Application Resources

Are you applying to one of the International Exchange Center’s J-1 programs? Click here for information on how to write a DS 7002 Training Plan and instructions on filling out our application.

Resources for Host Companies

Does the Council currently sponsor Interns and Trainees with your firm, or are you considering applying to host a J-1 visa holder? Click here to learn your responsibilities as a host site, how to provide tax assistance for J-1 participants, and the differences between “work” and bona fide training.

Resources for Attorneys

Keep track of changes in the J Regulations and updates to required documents, gain information on how to fill out form DS 7002, and read our J-1 Practice Advisories.