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Potential J-1 applicants, host organizations, and attorneys interested in applying can learn more about the application requirements.

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What's New


Delays Issuing Visas after Potential Consular Affairs System Crash

We are seeing a problem worldwide as of Thursday evening after receiving reports that the Consular Affairs computer system  has crashed.  This potentially means that no visas and no passports are being issued until the problem is resolved. Then, there will be backlogs.

The Department of State has posted an update about the situation on their website. The best we can suggest is to keep checking the website for visa appointments. Once the computer system problem is resolved, it may be difficult to get the appointments, so please incorporate flexibility into your planning when attempting to schedule travel to the United States and start dates for J-1 training programs and internships.

We'll try to pass along up-dates as we receive them.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

-The International Exchange Center Staff


Weekly Allotment Update
(UPDATED JULY 28, 2014)

  • As of Monday 07/28/2014 we have 1 interview slots available for the remainder of July.
  • We have 56 webcam interview slots available in August.

Click here to read about NEW Updates to the Online Application System... (UPDATED APR 14, 2014)

Submit your application ASAP so you can proceed with scheduling the webcam interview! Please submit the completed application FIRST, and then choose an appointment.

If you would like to schedule a webcam interview for an applicant whose application you have already submitted, please use our online scheduling tool to book the appointment. (URL:

Once our interview slots are filled for the month, we will not be able to approve any more applications for J-1 visa sponsorship during that month or issue new DS 2019 forms to applicants who have not passed the webcam interview phase of the application procedure.

As always, we recommend that you schedule the webcam interview at least 4 weeks in advance of the program start date, to allow sufficient time for consular processing and international travel.


Thank you as always for choosing the American Immigration Council for your J-1 applicants!

-The International Exchange Center Staff